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Department of Immunology

Department of Immunology was built in 2002, derived from department of medical microbiology and immunology in Hubei medical university. There are 13 staffs in department of Immunology. Among them, there are 1 winner of “National Outstanding Youth Foundation of China, 1“Luojia” distinguished professor of Wuhan University, 1 winner of “the ministry of education in the new century talents project”. There are 3 professors, 4 associate professors, 5 lecturers and 1 experimentalist.
Under the leadership of previous and present director, the Immunology department has achieved good performance in Immunology. Four research findings about the immunology of anti-tuberculosis and anti-typhoid infection were identified, two of which were authorized with the second and third prize award for Hubei province scientific and technological advancement. Tuberculosis specific transfer factor was developed initiatively and the related preclinical study has already finished. After more than ten years of development, the department has established many laboratories, including molecular immunology and glycoimmunology laboratory, tumor immunology laboratory, virus immunology laboratory, nervous immunology laboratory and the immunology laboratory of the Medical structure and biology center. There are four research directions in the Immunology department, including molecular and glycobiological immunology, tumor immunology, virus immunology, nervous immunology. The related research results were published on international authoritative journals (such as Molecular Therapy, J. Immun., J. Bio. Chem., J. Med. Chem. Immun. Infect, Gene, etc.), some of which were cited by NATURE. In the last ten years, there are more than forty programs under research, including two mega project of science research, two 973 projects, one project supported by the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars of China, more than twenty General Programs of the National Science Foundation of China, other twenty provincial projects. The laboratory published nearly one hundred SCI papers. For the teaching aspect, the department has been undertaking all the Immunology teaching work for different student levels, including undergraduate, master and Ph.D. The teaching effectiveness are very good and satisfying. The Immunology course were authenticated as the bilingual teaching demonstration course of national ministry of education in 2007. The "senior bilingual teaching of medical immunology backbone teachers communication workshop” were successfully hosted at the same year. The Immunology course won the second prize of “Teaching achievement of Hubei Province”.
Associated professor Liu Sheng-wu was awarded as the Wuhan University “Respecting teacher and loving study”- “my favorite ten best teacher” in 2011. Professor Zhang Xiao-lian was awarded as “Hubei province outstanding teacher” in 2014. With the extraordinary development in these years, the personnel and equipment of our department has reached the medium-high level of the ministry colleges.