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Department of medical microbiology

In 1997, department of medical microbiology, merging with institute of medical virology and department of human parasitology, became the department of pathogenic biology. It was given permission to award doctor degree in pathology in 1998 and gained Hubei province main discipline in 2003. It is an important unit of national key laboratory of virology in Wuhan University and state’s key discipline in Microbiology.
We energetically involved in the discipline construction, including the second phase of the “Project 985” and the third phase of the “Project 211”, such as ‘Cognitive and neural information platform’, ‘research institute of human’s main viral diseases’, the projects of ‘major infectious disease mechanism and prevention’ and ‘tumor and immunity’, etc.
To date, our department has 11 members, including faculty and staff. They are mainly consisting of young teachers (Eight teachers are no more than 45 years old). Our teachers undertake the teaching task of microbiology, such as Medical Microbiology, Pathology, Gene Engineering, Human and Microbe, et al.
Our research interests were dedicated to Molecular Mechanisms of the Roles of Microorganisms (including viruses) in diseases using genetic, molecular biological, and biochemical approaches. We carry out these from several areas now:
1.Study on molecular mechanisms of the roles of HERVs in diseases (such as schizophrenia, cancer, etc) with three National Natural Science Foundations of China and one American Stanley Fund, which was original and hadn’t been reported either at home or abroad. Relevant studies were published on SCI publications such as schizophrenia bulletin (IF 8.8), oncogene (IF 8.559), schizophrenia research, et al.
2.Study on the molecular mechanisms of HCC caused by HBV with Standford C.J. & Ha Lin Yip Huang Graduate Biomedical Scholars Fund and Hubei Natural Science Fund and published several papers on Hepatology (IF 12.003), Cancer Letters, Int J Cancer,Cell & Tissue Research etc.
3.Study on molecular mechanisms of other microorganisms in infectious diseases and published more than 70 articles.