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Mingsen Jiang
Mingsen Jiang
E-mail Address: msjiang@whu.edu.cn
Office Address: 185# DongHu Road, Wuhan, Hubei, 430071
Department of Pathogen Biology
Research interests / Specialties:
Immunology of schistosomiasis and its control Eduaction and Training
Eduaction and Training
B.A., 1965 - 1970  Hubei Medical College, China
Academic visitor, 1988-1990 Adelaide University, Australia  
Academic visitor, 1996.4-1996.11Adelaide University, Australia
Research Description
    My objectives are mainly focused on the infective immunology of schistosomiasis and schistosomiasis control.
    As an infective disease, schistosomiasis was considered to be severely developed by egg factors. How egg and embryo develop and how to reduce the pothogenic symptoms through TGF-βsignaling pathway intereference, especially for advanced patients are my research interests. We concentrate to find a effecient platform to control schistosmiasis with molecular method.
 Publication list (*corresponding author)
1.     Liu R, Dong HF*, Jiang MS*. The new national integrated strategy emphasizing infection source control for schistosomiasis control. Parasitol Res, 2013, 112(4): 1483-1491.
2.     Liu R, Zhao QP, Ye Q, Xiong T, Tang CL, Dong HF*, Jiang MS*. Clonning and characterization of a bone morphogenetic protein homologue of Schistosoma japonicum. Exp Parasitol, 2013, 135(1): 64-71.
3.     Tang H, Ming Z, Liu R, XiongT, Grevelding CG, Dong H, Jiang M*. Development of Adult Worms and Granulomatous Pathology Are Collectively Regulated by T- and B-Cells in Mice Infected with Schistosoma japonicum. Plos One, 2013, 8(1): e54432.
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