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Wei Hou, PH.D

E-mail Address: houwei@whu.edu.cn
Office Address: 185# Dong Hu Road, Wuhan University School of Basic Medical Sciences
Position(s): Professor
Affiliation(s): Institute of Medical Virology/State Key Laboratory of Virology
Research interests / Specialties: Viral infection immunity/antiviral research

Education and Training 
Senior College Degree, 1988-1991 Hubei Medical University, China
M.D., 1997-2000 Hubei Medical University, China
Visiting Scholar, 2000-2001 Chung Shan Medical University(Taiwan), China
Ph.D., 2003-2006 Wuhan University, China
Visiting Scholar, 2004.9-2004.12 Fukushima Medical University, Japan
Fellow, 2007-2008 University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, U.S.A
Research Description
My research interests are innate immunity and viral infections, with an emphasis on studying the interactions between host cell innate immunity and HIV/Hantavirus infections.  My current research focuses on understanding the role of antiviral factors and mechanisms involved in HIV or Hantavirus infection/replication.  I am also interested in drugs of abuse and HIV infection.  My team use in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo models to directly address the question of whether drugs of abuse (Opioids and methamphetamine) have the ability to suppress host immune responses and promote HIV diseases.  In addition, in collaboration with the investigators at Center for Animal Experiment of Wuhan University where there is an animal biosafety laboratory, my team has established animal models such as non-human primate model for HIV and mouse model for Hantavirus infection.  Using these models, they are now exploring the potential of innate immunity activation-based therapy for the treatment of HIV or Hantavirus diseases.
Publication list
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