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The first meeting between undergraduates of basic medical sciences and tutors
First new 19 undergraduates of basic medical sciences (BMS) met their tutors in Yubi Hall, No. 8 Building of School of Medicine on the evening of Sep 19th.  Jiang Ming, Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Basic Medical Sciences, expressed a warming welcome and high expectations to the students.  He mentioned basic medical professional will make accurate training plan and each student would have their own doctoral supervisors in the future.  Then Vice Dean and Professor He Li introduced the education plan of BMS and pointed out that the BMS is aimed to cultivate the medical educators, medical scientists, entrepreneurs and top managers in China.
Soon afterwards, doctoral supervisors introduced their own disciplines and research directions in turn, expressing warm welcome and desire of guidance to the students. Also the students introduced themselves one by one, showing their passion to the future. Importantly, the meeting provided a precious opportunity for doctoral supervisors and students to interact with each other. In a very warm and harmonious atmosphere, tutors answered the students' questions patiently. We believe that with the joint efforts of the leaders, teachers and students, BMS could embrace a brighter future.
(Edited by: Wang Hui, Xie Tian)