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Dean: Hongliang Li Tel: (86)27-68759115
Chair of the School Council: Xiaohua He Tel: (86)27-68759991
Vice Chair of the School Council:    
  Yan Hong Tel: (86)27-68759336
  Qiao Li Tel: (86)27-68758600
Deputy dean: Xiaohua He Tel: (86)27-68759991
  Wei Hou Tel: (86)27-68789310
  Yun Chen Tel: (86)27-68758727
  Zhengan Zhao Tel: (86)27-68759260

Jiang Yue  


Office of Party and Government Affairs Tel: (86)27-68759222
Office of Undergraduate Education and Administration Tel: (86)27-68759311
Office of Academic and Graduate Affairs Tel: (86)27-68759310
Office of Continuing Education Tel: (86)27-68759981
Departments and Research Institutes  
Department of Anatomy Tel: (86)27-68759697
Department of Histology and Embryology Tel: (86)27-68759729
Department of Immunology Tel: (86)27-87331183
Department of Pathogen Biology  
Department of Human Parasitology Tel: (86)27-68759143
Department of Microbiology Tel: (86)27-87331681
Department of Pathology and Pathological Physiology  
Department of Pathological Physiology Tel: (86)27-68759991
Department of Pathology Tel: (86)27-68759735
Department of Forensic Medicine Tel: (86)27-68758593
Department of Pharmacology Tel: (86)27-68758665
Department of Physiology Tel: (86)27-68759750
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Tel: (86)27-68759795
Department of Medical Genetics Tel: (86)27-68759702
Department of Biomedical Engineering Tel: (86)27-68759509
Medical Virology Research Institute Tel: (86)27-68759136
Medical Research Center for Structural Biology Tel: (86)27-68759142
Teaching Center for Basic Medical Experiments Tel: (86)27-68759821
Evaluation and Research Center for Food and Drug Safety Tel: (86)27-68758959