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Yan Tang, PH.D


Yan Tang, PH.D

E-mail Address:

Office Address:

185# Donghu Road, Wuhan, Hubei, 430071




Department of Anatomy

Research interests / Specialties:

Neuroscience/ Anatomy, Neuroanatomy

Education and Training

B.M., 1989/9-1994/7 Hubei Medical University, China

Ph.D., 1996/9-2001/7 Wuhan University, China

Visiting scholarship, 2003/9-12 Fukushima Medical University, Japan

Postdoctoral training, 2004/6-2005/12 Fukushima Medical University, Japan

Research Description


In my PhD research, I investigated some effects of estrogen on vascular smooth muscle cells. In the 3 months visiting to Department of Pharmacology in Fukushima Medical University, I studied and performed some patch clamp experiments on astrocytes. During the period of postdoctoral training, I worked on the purinergic signaling research in vascular endothelial cells.

Recently, I am interested in neuroscience reading and teaching, and wondering the biological mechanisms of human mind,emotion,and behavior.

Publication list

1. Tang Y, Matsuoka I, Ono T, Inoue K, Kimura J. Selective up-regulation of P2X4-receptor gene expression by interferon-gamma in vascular endothelial cells. J Pharmacol Sci. 2008;107(4):419-427.

2. Tang Y, Song J, Wu W, Dai JB, Tian ZW, Zhou XH. Analysis of the quality of bilingual teaching of regional anatomy and the approval degree of students,Chinese Journal of Anatomy. 2005; 28(4): 484-486

3. Tang Y, Chen XC, Zhou XH, Song J. Effects of estrogen on the expression of c-fos and PCNA in vascular smooth muscle cells, Chinese Journal of Anatomy. 2004, 27(5): 468-471

4. Tang Y, Chen XC, Zhou XH, Song J. Expression and regulation of estrogen receptor in vascular smooth muscle cells of rat, Chinese Journal of Anatomy.2004, 27(3): 256-259

5. Tang Y, Wu W, Chen XC. Immunohistochemical study of estrogen receptor in the descending aorta of rat. Chinese Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry 2001,10(2): 124-127