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Yang Meng,M.M.


Yang Meng,M.M.

E-mail Address:

Office Address:185# DongHu Road,Wuhan, Hubei,430071

Position:Associate professor

Affiliation:Department of Anatomy

School of Basic Medical Sciences

Research interests/Specoalties:

Structures and mechanisms related to taste

Education and Training

B.M., 1980-1985 , Wuhan University School of Medicine,China

M.M.,1988-1991,Wuhan University School of Medicine,China

Publications list

1. Meng Y, Bian Z, Wang SZ, Li Q, Huang ZZ. Ultrastructure of the taste pores and taste pits of human taste buds., Chinese Journal of Stomatology 2006,12: 762-763

2. Li Q, Meng Y, Ding YY, Huang ZZ. The scanning electron microscope study on human circumvallate papillae taste pores. Medical Journal of Wuhan University 2006(2): 163-166

3.Liu CY, Wang L, Meng Y. Taste receptors,signal transduction snf modulstion mechanism of mammalian taste bud in the periphery. International Journal of Stomatology 2012,39(4): 468-471