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The School of Basic Medical Science of Wuhan University (SBMW),former basic Medical department of Hubei Provincial School of Medicine, was established by Prof. Yubi Zhu who is a well-known medical expert. With 70 years of development, SBMW has evolved into a center for both basic medical training as well as scientific research,providing a set of teaching, research and community services.
In SBMW, there are currently a total of nine departments (Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Department of Immunology, Department of Pathogen Biology, Department of Pathology and Pathological Physiology, Department of Pharmacology, Department of Physiology, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Department of Medical Genetics, Department of Biomedical Engineering), one research institute (Medical Virology Research Institute of Wuhan University) and three research centers (Medical Research Center for Structural Biology, Teaching Center for Basic Medical Experiments, Evaluation and Research Center for Food and Drug Safety). The school has now approximately 210 faculty members, including 39 professors and 57 associate professors. Among them, 48 are doctoral supervisors and many are outstanding young scientists, including 2 winners of National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars, 1 national “973” chief scientist, 3 “New Century Talents” awarded by the Ministry of Education; 1 First-Level Training Object of Hubei Province “Medical Leading Talents”, 2 Second-Level Training Object of Hubei Province “Medical Leading Talents”,  1 Luojia Outstanding Scholar of Wuhan University, 3 distinguished professors of Luojia Scholar Program, 3 Luojia Young Scholar of Wuhan University. In addition, five scholars have been given “Outstanding Youth Fund” by Hubei Province and three scientist groups have been awarded as “innovative groups” by Hubei Province.
Our school has the right to grant doctorate in preclinical medicine and provides post-doctoral training as a research station of preclinical medicine. We also have 2 key construction projects of National “985” and “211” programs, 2 provincial key disciplines (preclinical medicine as first level and pharmacology as second level), 1 National Bilingual Teaching Demonstration Course (Immunology), 1 national teaching team (The Teaching Team of Medical Functional Experiment), 2 national English teaching brand courses for foreign students (Regional Anatomy and Immunology), 5 Provincial Excellent Courses (Pharmacology, Human Anatomy, Pathophysiology, Human Parasitology, Medical Immunology), 1 Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and 1 provincial key laboratory (Lab for Allergy and Immune-Related Diseases). Two of our departments, including the Department of Medical Microbiology and the Department of Immunology, are important participates of the State Key Laboratory of Virology of Wuhan University. Recently, our school has won the first prize of National Excellent Textbook voted by the Ministry of Health, and become the chief editor of a national "125" planning textbook.
SBMW undertakes the teaching task of basic medical courses for medical students majoring in Clinical Medicine, Stomatology Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Nursing and Medical Laboratory Science. The students include 4-year and 5-year undergraduate students, 7-year master students, and 8-year doctoral students (majoring in Clinical Medicine and Stomatology Medicine). For decades, our school trained more than 20000 medical undergraduate students and 3000 graduate students, making important contributions to the development of national health care, education and science. Currently, approximately 1500 undergraduates, 120 master students, 110 doctoral students and 300 oversea students are studying in the school. Our students have ever won the Grand Prize in the National English Contest for College Students, Gold Award in the National “Challenge Cup” Business Plan Competition for College Students, Honorable Title of “Star of Self-Improvement” for Chinese College Students, the Grand Prize in the Speech Contest for College Students in Hubei Province, Outstanding Achievement Award in Scientific Research for College Students in Hubei Province, the first Prize in the English Speech Contest in Wuhan University. In addition, one group of students who participated in the “Youth Red Ribbon” activity has been titled as “Outstanding Social Practice Team”.
The school has actively engaged in the basic researches and their translation into clinic. There are 96 projects that have been approved by National Natural Science Foundation of China, including 2 National Science Funds for Distinguished Youth Scholars, 2 Key Projects of National Natural Science Fund, 1 project for Major International Cooperation, 2 National Major Projects and 1 National “973” projects, 2 Research Projects. Additionally, the school has more than 200 papers published in SCI and 37 Invention Patents granted in recent five years. Moreover, the school has won two 2nd prizes of the National Sci-Tech Advance Award, two 2nd prizes and two 3rd prizes of Provincial Natural Science, and two 2nd prizes for Chinese Medical Award.
SBMW also actively implement the strategy of open education and has established international academic exchange and collaborations with universities in more than 20 countries and regions, including the United States, Britain, Japan, Finland et. al. Currently, our 7-year and 8-year Sino-France experimental classes of Clinical Medicine are combined cultivated with Nancy University of France; and the 5-year Experimental Class of Clinical Medicine is established collaborated with Chicago University of the United States.
Nowadays, the school is well acknowledged as the cradle of high-quality and innovative medical professionals. Three National Level-A of the Third Grade Hospitals, including Renmin Hospital, Zhongnan Hospital and Stomatological Hospital of Wuhan University, provide early clinical education for all of our medical students.
SBMW has repeatedly been rated as the advanced collective of Hubei provincial health system, the provincial advanced grass-roots party organizations and the provincial advanced grass-roots units for the ideological and political education of college students. Our school will follow the centuries spirit of Wuhan University and commit to medical education, scientific research and national health care.