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Hong Jiang, PH.D


Hong Jiang, PH.D

Email Address:

Office Address: 185# DongHu Road, Wuhan, Hubei, 430071

Position(s): Associate Professor

Affiliation(s): Department of Human Parasitology

Research interests / Specialties:

Vector biology and Control and Pest Management Professional

Eduaction and Training

B.S., 1982-1986 Anhui Normal University, China

M.S, 1986-1989 Academy of Military Medical Science, China

Ph.D., 2001-2006 Wuhan University, China

Post-doctoral training, 2007-2009 Wuhan University, China

Research Description

\Emerging and Re-emerging vector-borne diseases (VBD) are the great challenge today. My research interests focus on sustainable management on rodents, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other vectors with medical importance. The evaluation system on vector risk was developed and the guideline of school integrated pest management was drafted as national standard. A serial of biological technologies for control of cockroaches, mosquitoes and other vectors were developed. A new kind of cockroach virus was evaluated as control factor on cockroaches and was developed as a new viral insecticide.

Another research interests were the study on Chinese pest management industry. A lot of field work was carried out to promoted sustainable development of Chinese pest management industry using modern biological technology and information technology, including training system and commercial planning strategies. We are the leading research team in the field of vector control in China.

Publication list

1. JIANG H. A preliminary study on informatization management of pest control enterprises.chin J Hyg Insect & Equip, 2014, 20(6): 585-587.

2. JIANG Hong. Sustainable vector control technology. chin J Hyg Insect & Equip, 2013, 19(6): 487-590.

3. JIANG H. Conception and Practice of Green Pest Management. chin J Hyg Insect & Equip, 2012, 18(6): 80-83.

4. JIANG H, JIANG H. Entomopathogenic fungus for biological control of vectors.chin J Hyg Insect & Equip, 2012, 18(5): 374-379.

5. JIANG H., Further developement and implementation of insect viruses in integrated vector control. chin J Hyg Insect & Equip, 2012, 18(3): 191-194.

6. H. Jiang, L. Zhou, J.-M. Zhang, H.-F. Dong,Y.-Y. Hu, M.-S. Jiang. Potential of Periplaneta fuliginosa Densovirus as a Biocontrol Agent for Smoky-brown Cockroach, Periplaneta fuliginosa. Biological Control, 2008, 46(3): 94-100.

7. H. Jiang, JM. Zhang, JP. Wang, B. Yang, CF. Liu, J. Lu and YY. Hu. Genetic Engineering of Periplaneta fulignosa Densovirus as an Improved Biopesticide. Archives of Virology, 2007, 152(2):10-14.