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Hui Li, Ph.D.


Hui Li, Ph.D.

E-mail Address:

Office Address: Institute of Medical Virology, DongHu Road 185#, Wuhan, Hubei, 430071

Position: Professor

Affiliation: Institute of Medical Virology

Research interests / Specialties: Innate immune response to viral infection;Cell reprogramming and regenerative medicine

Education and Training

B.S., 1988-1992 Huazhong Normal University, China

M.S., 1992-1995 Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Science

Ph.D., 2001-2004 Wuhan University School of Medicine, China

Joint-Ph.D. program, 2002-2004 Medical College of Georgia, USA

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2005-2007 University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA

Research Discription

1. We focus to establish in vitro and ex vivo infection model with normal human epithelial (the primary target and natural host cells for viruses) to investigate the role of innate immune response to Herpes simplex Viruses and Influenza viruses.

2. We are also interested in establishing human normal cells without viral and cellular gene transduction. These cells possess the abilities to differentiate normally in 3D culture conditions and reconstitute into the microphysiological system. This brand new system may have promising potentials not only for virus biology research but also for regenerative medicine.

Publication list

1. Wenqiang Feng, Juanjuan Guo, Haiyan Huang, Bo Xia, Hongya Liu, Jie Li, Shaolin Lin, Tiyuan Li, Jianjun Liu, Hui Li*. Human normal bronchial epithelial cells: a novel in vitro cell model for toxicity evaluation. PLoS One 2015, 10(4): e0123520

2. Hongya Liu, Kai Chen, Wenqiang Feng, Juanjuan Guo, Hui Li*. HSV-2 increases TLR4-dependent phosphorylated IRFs and IFN-b induction in Cervical Epithelial Cells. PLoS One 2014, 9(4): e94806

3. Hongya Liu, Kai Chen, Wenqiang Feng, Xinxing Wu, Hui Li*.TLR4-MyD88/Mal-NF-kB Axis Is Involved in Infection of HSV-2 in Human Cervical Epithelial Cells. PLoS One 2013, 8:( 11): e80327

4. Hui Li, Xiaoling Li, Yun Wei, Yun Tan, Xuefeng Liu, Xinxing Wu. HSV-2 infection induces TLRs and NF-kB-dependent cytokines in human cervical eptithelial cells. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 2009;79(3):686-90.

Hui Li, Padmaja Gade, Shreeram Nallar, Abhijt Raha, Sanjit Roy, Sreenivasu Karra, Janardan Reddy, Sekhar Reddy and Dhan V. Kalvakolanu. The Med1 subunit of transcriptional mediator plays a central role in regulating C/EBP-beta-driven transcription in response to Interferon-g. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2008 May 9; 283(19):13077-86