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Qinping Zhao, PH.D


Qinping Zhao, PH.D

E-mail Address:

Office Address: 185# DongHu Road, Wuhan, Hubei, 430071


Associate Professor


Department of Pathogen Biology

Research interests / Specialties:

Population genetics ofSchistosomaandSchistosoma-Oncomelaniarelationship

B.A., 1994-1999 Hubei Medical College, China

M.S., 1999 – 2002Wuhan University, China

Ph.D., 2002-2005 Wuhan University, China

Studying abroad, 2003-2005, National Institute of Health, Korea

Post-doctoral training, 2005-2007 Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Research Description

My objectives are mainly focused on the population genetics ofS. japonicumand the biology ofOncomelania.

With the different molecular markers, the geographical population diversity ofS. japonicumandO. hupensisthroughout China have been well investigated, combined with the whole mitochondrial genomes of several phenotypes ofOncomelaniasequenced. We have also begun to investigate the population diversity ofSchistosoma japonicumby different definitive hosts, to elucidate the diversity and co-evolution ofSchistosoma and Oncomelania.

The mechanism of molluscicide and innate immunity ofOncomelaniaare also my current research interests, which will lead us to find new way to understand the reaction and defense system of snail, and to the final snail control.


Publication list

1. Zhao QP, Xiong T, Xu XJ, Jiang MS, Dong HF (2015) De novo transcriptome analysis ofOncomelania hupensisafter molluscicide treatment by next-generation sequencing: implications for biology and future snail interventions.PLoS One10(3): e0118673.

2. Liu R,Zhao QP, Ye Q, Xiong T, Tang CL, Dong HF, Jiang MS. (2013) .Cloning and characterization of a bone morphogenetic protein homologue ofSchistosoma japonicum.Exp Parasitol135: 64-71.

3. Wang H,Zhao QP(co-first author), Nie P, Jiang MS, Song J (2012) Identification of differentially expressed genes inOncomelania hupensischronically infected withSchistosoma japonicum.Exp Parasitol130(4): 374-383.

4.Zhao QP, Jiang MS, Dong HF, Nie P (2012) Diversification ofSchistosoma japonicumin Mainland China Revealed by Mitochondrial DNA.PLoS Negl Trop Dis6(2): e1503.

5. Zhu DD,Zhao QP, Nie P (2011) Construction and analysis on cDNA library ofOncomelania hupensishepatopancreas.Acta Hydrobiologica Sinica35(4): 672-680.

6.Zhao QP,Zhang SH, Deng ZR, Jiang MS, Nie P (2010) Conservation and variation in mitochondrial genomes of gastropods Oncomelania hupensis and Tricula hortensis, intermediate host snails of Schistosoma in China.Mol Phylogenet Evol57(1): 215-226.

7.Zhao QP, Jiang MS, Littlewood DTJ, Nie P (2010) Distinct Genetic Diversity ofOncomelania hupensis, Intermediate Host ofSchistosoma japonicumin Mainland China as Revealed by ITS Sequences.PLoS Negl Trop Dis4(3): e611.

8. Zhang SH,Zhao QP, Jiao R, Gao Q, Nie P (2010). Identification of polymorphic microsatellites for the intermediate hostOncomelania hupensisofSchistosoma japonicumin China.Malacologia53(1): 147-153.