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Qiuping Zhang, PH.D


Qiuping Zhang, PH.D

E-mail Address:

Office Address: 185# DongHu Road, Wuhan, Hubei, 430071

Position(s): Professor

Affiliation(s): Department of Immunology

Research interests / Specialties: Tumor Immunity, hematogenic immunity

Education and Training

1981-1986, B.M. Hubei Medical University, Wuhan,

People’s Republic of China.

1996-1999, M.S. Hubei Medical University, Wuhan,

People’s Republic of China.

2003-2006, Ph.D. Wuhan University School of Medicine, Wuhan,

People’s Republic of China.

2007-2008, Visiting Professor. the University of Texas M. D. Anderson

Cancer Center, USA.

Research Description

Our research interests are mainly concentrating on Chemotactic Cytokine Receptors and the correlation of leukemia metastasis and drug resistance. Our previous researches have found that Chemotactic Cytokine Receptor 9 (CCR9) is highly expressed in acute T lymphocytic leukemia and closely related with the metastasis and drug resistance of this leukemia. We have also constructed a recombinant immunotoxin CCL25-PE38 by delivering Pseudomonas exotoxin 38 (PE38) fused with the only specific ligand of CCR9, chemokine 25 (CCL25). We have found that it is able to specifically kill the CCR9(+) tumors in vitro and in vivo. Nowadays, our lab has broadened its research interests to cover many immune-mediated diseases such as Multiple myeloma and EMT (epithelial mesenchymal transformation) of cancer.

Publication list

[1] Li Zhang, Ruijing Xiao, Jie Xiong, Jun Leng, Altaf Ehtisham, Yi Hu, Qianshan Ding, Hui Xu, Shengwu Liu, Jin Wang, Dean G. Tang and Qiuping Zhang*. Activated ERM protein plays a critical role in drug resistance of MOLT4 cells induced by CCL25. Plos One. 2013, 8:e52384.

[2] Rongfei Han, Jie Xiong, Ruijing Xiao, Ehtisham Altaf, Jin Wang, Yanping Liu, Hui Xu, Qianshan Ding, Qiuping Zhang*. Activation of β-catenin signaling is critical for doxorubicin-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition in BGC-823 gastric cancer cell line. Tumor Biology. 2013, 34:277-284.

[3] Jia Y, Zhang Y, Qiao C, Liu G, Zhao Q, Zhou T, Chen G, Li Y, Feng J, Li Y, Zhang Q*, Peng H. IGF-1R and ErbB3/HER3 contribute to enhanced proliferation and carcinogenesis in trastuzumab-resistant ovarian cancer model. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2013, 436:740-745. (co-corresponding author)

[4] Jiang Daozi, Deng Chaohua, Zhang Li, Wang Zesheng, Liu Shangqin, Gao Qingping, Zhang Qiuping*. Anaplastic myeloma and T-cell lymphoma in the same patient. Chin Med J. 2013, 126:996.

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[8] Yi Hu, Li Zhang, Ranran Wu, Rongfei Han, Yanhan Jia, Zhengming Jiang, Mengxin Cheng, Jing Gan, Xiang Tao, QiupingZhang*. Specific killing of CCR9 high-expressing acute T lymphocytic leukemia cells by CCL25 fused with PE38 toxin. Leukemia Research. 2011, 35:1254-1260.

[9] Hu M, Liu Y, Deng C, Han R, Jia Y, Liu S, Jiang Z, Cao X, He L, QiupingZhang*. Enhanced invasiveness in multidrug resistant leukemic cells is associated with overexpression of P-glycoprotein and cellular inhibitor of apoptosis protein. Leuk Lymphoma. 2011, 52:1302-1311.

[10] Beibei Zhou, Jun Leng, Meng Hu, Li Zhang, Zhan Wang, Dongying Liu, Xiaoling Tong, Beibei Yu, Yi Hu, Chaohua Deng, Yanping Liu, Qiuping Zhang*. Ezrin is a key molecule in the metastasis of MOLT4 cells induced by CCL25/CCR9. Leukemia Research. 2010, 34:769-776.

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[13] Qiuping Z, Jei X, Youxin J, Wei J, Chun L, Jin W, Qun W, Yan L, Chunsong H, Mingzhen Y, Qingping G, Kejian Z, Zhimin S, Qun L, Junyan L, Jinquan T. CC Chemokine Ligand 25 Enhances Resistance to Apoptosis in CD4+ T Cell from Patients with T-cell Lineage Acute and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia by means of Livin Activation. Cancer Research. 2004, 64:7579-7587.

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