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Learn from Comrade Lei Feng, Warm March

On March 5, 2018, the day was the 55th anniversary of the Mao Zedong's inscription—learning from Lei Feng. To carry forward the Lei Feng's spirit, to advocate Chinese traditional virtues, to further strengthen the party spirit education, to improve the quality of the party members, party general branch of graduate planned activities to learn Lei Feng in School of Basic Medical Sciences of Wuhan University. More than 120 people including the party members and activists of graduates carried out the cleaning activities on campus. Their own action interpret the eternal Lei Feng spirit. At noon, the students voluntarily came to Teaching Building One. After a simple division of labor, the members and activists of each branch began to clean in their respective area. During cleaning process, the students responsibility and earnestly cleaned. Garbage such as leaves, cigarette butts, plastic products, glass slag and life trash scattered around the grass and trees, and it was difficult to clean, but the students were not afraid of hardship and tired and help each other. If the garbage couldn't get out, the students would pick it out with gloves. Although it was cold, all sweated streaming. As is saying goes "A drop of water only into the sea will never dry up, a person only when he put his and collective enterprise fusion together of the time to most power". The students were enthusiastic talking and laughing when they did the cleaning work and full of vitality. After two hours of cleaning, our beautiful environment appeared again in front of everyone, and all students smiled.

"Please keep our school clean". The purpose of the activity was that let party members learn Lei Feng spirit in practice of cleaning up the campus, and let them carried forward and particularly cultivated the Lei Feng spirit—serving the people heart and soul.

(Written by Chao Qiu, Mengzhen Yang, Yan Hong)