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Painting the Human Anatomy Structure to Exhibit Medical Students' Abilities

Painting theHumanAnatomyStructure toExhibitMedicalStudents'Abilities -- theThirdAnatomicalDrawingCompetition

On March 31st, the third anatomical drawing competition, “Magic Sketch”, ended with success in our school. The competition which was host by the Youth League Committee and co-organized by the Department of Anatomy and the Department of Histology and Embryology lasted for more than 20 days and received over 50 works from medical students.

In the competition, the students showed a high enthusiasm for the event and actively submit their works including drawings of anatomy, histology, and embryology. Their drawings had their own characteristics, novelty and creativity such as human bones sketches showing the melody of life. There were also brilliant pictures combined medicine with art as well as masterpiece in the textbook. In order to ensure the fairness and rationality of the competition by professional judgement, several professors from the Department of Anatomy and the Department of Histology and Embryology were invited as judges. Considering comprehensively from the professional, creative, difficult and aesthetic aspects, 18 students’ drawings were awarded including 5 students will be recommended to participate in the National Medical Student Anatomy Drawing Contest in 2018 (as follows).

This competition for all the medical students not only provides the stage of self-expression, but also brings a rare visual feast.

(Written byXin Liu, Lanxin Mu)